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Lower Deck


AviusULD S-series Lower Deck Cargo Containers are designed to meet every airline’s need for superior durability, minimized weight, and adaptability to the industry’s unique challenges.

By combining durable and high-quality materials in a modular design with interchangeable parts, we guarantee the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), easy maintenance and optimized ULD handling.


Modular Design


Lowest TCO

Group (2)

User Friendly

Group (1)

Easy Maintenance

Group (3)

Superior Durability

Avius ULD

Design Features

Container Surface

Seamless fitting and smoothness due to contour-adapted extrusions.

Structural Integrity

Maximum robustness due to strong gussets and extrusions.

Enhanced Door Closure

Easy and ergonomic handling due to door locking mechanism.

Unique Corner Design

Repair cost-reduction due to individually replaceable forged corners.

Robust Reinforcement

Extrusion inserts create resistance to high impact forces and bending.

Container Interior

Protection of cargo and bags with smooth interior surfaces.

Avius ULD

Design Features

Panel Materials


Taking weight-savings and durability to new levels.
  • Industry-wide lowest weight AKE container at 51 kg
  • High-impact resistant composite material
  • Minimizes weight while maximizing durability and fuel-efficiency


The perfect balance between strength, weight, and cost.
  • Weighs 55 kg (10 kg less than aluminum configuration)
  • Performs 18% better than industry-standard AKE container
  • Excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


High-grade alloys with the best quality at a competitive price.
  • 65 kg for a standard AKE container
  • A tried and tested design with the ultimate balance between weight and cost

Design Features

SEN Door

Our Award-Winning SEN door
  • Easy, quick and tight closure with new mushroom-locking mechanism
  • Reduces opening and closing time an average of 30 seconds
  • 30% stronger door with reinforcement
  • Lowers handling time and cost by 15%
Ergonomic Pulling
Mushroom-Lock Mechanism
Tight Locking mechanism

Design Features

Self-Roll-Up Door

Durable and easy to operate thanks to our new SRU system, with a sliding lock clasp and locking mechanism integrated in the bottom door bar.

Design Features

Solid Door

Safe and easy operation due to our ergonomic toggle lock system, which includes a visible status indicator. Suitable for all custom seal designs.

Avius ULD

Product Offer

Lower Deck Container types and design options

ULD Type Base L x W FRC* Panel Material Base Type Door Type
Aluminum Herculight Endumax Non-Forklift Forklift Flexible Solid
DPE 47 x 60.4
AKH 60.4 x 61.5
AKE 60.4 x 61.5
DQP 60.4 x 96
DQF 60.4 x 96
ALP 60.4 x 125
ALF 60.4 x 125
AAP 88 x 125
AAF 88 x 125
AMP 96 x 125
AMF 96 x 125
*FRC = Fire Resistant Container
Not Available

Common ULD Types

Fire Resistant container (FRC)

All types of main deck container may also opt for a Fire Resistant Container (FRC).

Key advantages

  • Fire Resistant Containers (FRCs) provide an additional layer of safety against fire in the container contents.
  • Our FRCs are proven to withstand and contain fires for 6 hours, including fires containing lithium batteries.
  • Protects load and operators due to 100% smooth interior and innovative patented ergonomic door solution.
  • Designed for maximum robustness with cross-utilization and minimum number of unique parts.

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