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AviusULD’s Smart ULD Solutions: Elevating Air Cargo Safety and Efficiency 

In the dynamic world of air cargo, addressing complex challenges such as safety risks, asset management, and operational efficiency is crucial. With the International Air Transport Association (IATA) expecting air cargo demand to increase by 4.5% in 2024, alongside anticipated pressure on rates that could bring down revenues for the sector, the urgency for innovative […]

2024: Navigating New Horizons in the Aviation and Air Cargo Industries

As the aviation and air cargo industries venture into 2024, they confront a dynamic landscape shaped by global trends. The year ahead will be marked not only by challenges but also by significant opportunities for innovation and growth. In this article, we will explore how economic, environmental, safety concerns, and the burgeoning role of digitalization […]

Collapsible Containers: Add Convenience, Save Space 

Seasonal imbalances in passenger and cargo traffic can result in an airline experiencing a build-up of excess AKE containers at their network’s outstations. The need for repositioning these extra AKEs can result in either having excess AKEs in the airline’s ULD fleet or alternatively flying with empty AKEs at the expense of revenue-generating cargo positions.  […]

Designing a Safe Fire-Resistant Container 

When we began to develop our line of Fire-Resistant Containers back in 2017, it was apparent that many unknown factors remained surrounding the life cycle of an FRC. These uncertainties ranged from design variables to testing parameters and performance in daily operations, as well as repair ratios and methods.  Still, it was apparent that any […]

Managing a Major Risk to Airlines: Lithium Battery Fires

The aviation industry has some of the highest safety standards and risk mitigation, however airlines face a rising risk of a danger that many are not fully prepared for. As the number of lithium-ion batteries increase in passenger luggage and air cargo, so does the particular threat that they pose if they ignite. A growing […]